Legal Innovation and Tech Fest

In the lead up to the 2020 Legal Innovation & Tech Fest, Eventful People and Africa Legal recently ran a series of Legal Innovation & Tech research groups across South Africa with senior legal professionals and innovation drivers working in the legal space, from both law firms and corporate environments. The attendees discussed the challenges they are facing within their role with their peers. This has resulted in a Legal Community Report offering insight into the current challenges in delivering legal services and the technology-backed innovations being deployed to meet these challenges.

Seven broad themes were identified as core issues for the legal community to reflect on and they will inform the agenda for the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest, taking place in June 2020. The event will demonstrate innovation and process improvement which is being enabled by technology and innovation, through a combination of case studies, thought-leader presentations, discussion groups, product demos and panels. They are:

1. Navigating the Maze of Legal Technology – Past, Present & Future
Understanding what technology is currently available, discovering when you use what and cutting through the legal tech ‘noise’.

2. Change Management and User Adoption
The vital importance of user experience in legal tech, developing a culture of trust and openness and embracing the power of ‘design thinking’.

3. Embracing Technical and Process Innovation
Technical versus process innovation, innovating for social justice and how to identify your business’s innovation champions.

4. The Future of Law, Legal Talent & Rethinking Operating Models
Building the skillset to ensure future resilience and relevance, attracting and retaining the talent vital during an era of digital disruption and new legal careers.

5. Legal Technology Regulations, Ethics & Cybersecurity
AI and Cloud regulation and ethics, people versus system in the cybersecurity battleground and data protection.

6. Deriving Value from Data & Determining ROI
How data can demonstrate ROI, looking beyond pure financial to the experiential and human benefits of tech and using data to understand client needs.

7. Legal Services Pricing Structures & Cost Saving
Enhancing law firm and client collaboration, the commodification of the business of law and innovations in pricing.

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Article courtesy of Lexis Digest