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Property buying and selling scams

If you have any doubt about an agent’s legitimacy, don’t be shy to ask for the current Estate Agency Board (EAAB) and Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFC).

10 Concerns

Can I comfortably afford this property, including agent fees, legal fees, transfer fees, monthly rates and taxes, and the general upkeep and maintenance of the property?

Gas certificate

From 1 October 2009, it is required that any person installing a liquid gas appliance at a property must have a certificate of conformity issued in respect thereof.

Water Installation Certificate

Although the bylaw does not specifically say that the certificate must be provided to the buyer, it has become commonplace to include such a provision in the offer to purchase.

Electrical Fence Certificate

The overriding purpose of requiring an Electrical Fence Certificate is to ensure that the installation is safe.

Beetle Certificate

Beetle certificates are no longer required by law but are standard in Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal sale agreements. Many years ago it was prescribed by law (Forest Act) that

Electrical Compliance Certificate

Although the onus is on the seller to obtain this certificate and pay for the costs of repairs, this obligation can be shifted to the buyer by way of agreement.

The role of a real estate agent

A real estate professional core function is to play matchmaker between the homes on their stock list and the clients in their database.